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Google Maps tips for travelers

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Traveling can bring lots of exciting adventures in your life. Moreover, you can’t ignore unwelcome surprises during a trip. To avoid possible issues with directions, Google Maps can be the best tool. With the right technology, you can move on the road easily. Numerous people use these Maps along with other travel tools for directions. Here are some Google maps tips for travelers.

Create Custom Maps for Travel

You can customize your Google Maps. It is a reliable method of creating an obvious route for your journey. This tool is straightforward for everyone to use. With this tool, you can share your directions with other people. 

Remember, it is not possible to create custom versions of maps tablet with normal Google maps. You have to use some tricks to create and edit custom apps on your mobile. In the first step, download My Maps dedicated app. It is available for Android users, or you can download in desktop browsers.

Add Different Stops Related to Your Journey

Your journey can’t be straight; therefore, you have to plan it nicely. Start by getting directions between the initial two locations and click the “menu icon” on the top of the screen and select “Add Stop”. Look for the next location and tap “Add Stop” several times. You can add different stops on your route.

Your app will show this route map, where every stop is marked with a letter. Feel free to change the method of the trip, such as walking, car, bus, etc. You can drag your stops to different spots as per your convenience. Feel free to add a new stop or delete the previous one on android tablets sale tablets sale cheap

Speed up Your Google Map

Site of Google Maps can affect your journey with its slow speed. Feel free to use a lite version to speed up things. Turn off a non-essential portion of your site. It must switch automatically as per your needs.

Wait Times at Restaurants

Before going out for dinner, you can use your Google Maps to check if you have to waste two hours in a line. Use your desktop browser or type the name of a restaurant in Google Maps. It will help you to find out famous time charts. You can pick a particular time. You will see the wait times and modify your dinner plans accordingly. 

Measure Distance

If you want to use Google Maps in the browser, it will be easy for you to measure the distance between two locations. Choose a place on the map, right-click and tap “Measure Distance”. Click on the second location to measure the distance.

Google Maps Offline

Sometimes, you don’t get an internet connection during a journey. For this reason, you must prepare yourself for this situation. Make sure to download the map of your targeted area on your tablet or phone. Open settings menu, choose “Offline maps” and save it. You can use it during your journey.