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How to Use Spotify Equalizer On Android Phones?

Spotify equalizer

The craze and demand for Android phones are never-ending. Spotify is one of the most popular and significant apps which provide support to Android as well as iOS users. People having a keen interest in music should consider using Spotify’s music library as it offers quality services to users and amazes the music lover.

Spotify equalizer tool is a highly effective one that eases your life to the optimum. 

Install Spotify App:

If you have an Android device, then you are blessed enough to relish the stunning features and smooth performance. Steps for using the Equalizer on the device are quite simple. Having know-how of these steps can make your life much easier. The first and foremost step of using the equalizer on your gadget is the launch of the Spotify app.

Keep it downloaded on your Android from the Google Play Store. Simply open the Google Play Store and search Spotify over there. As you see the app of it, quickly tap the install button and get it downloaded on your device instantly. Spotify equalizer

Use Equalizer on Android:

After installing the Spotify app on the Android, you need to navigate the Library icon and then tap on it as you find it.  At the top right corner of the app, you will see a “settings” button. It allows you to make changes in the app as per your requirement. Hence, you can customize the changes in the app whenever you want as per your feasibility and desire.

Tap the app settings and scroll down to know what options are available to you for making changes in the app. When you are scrolling down then you will find the option of “Music Quality”. Navigate to this section, and then the major step comes which is none other than to tap the “Equalizer”.

Warning Popup:

The last step is to deal with the warning pop up. When you successfully follow the above-mentioned steps, then you would see a warning popup on your screen. You do not need to get panic at this panic. It would not disturb you at all if you focus on to keep going ahead by clicking on the checkbox. This checkbox depicts that “Do not show this again”.

When you check this option, then you would be tension free as you won’t see it again in the future. Adjust the sound quality as you like. Listening to the songs at such a brilliant quality is no more a dream now. The credit for this goes to the equalizer.