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Here’s how iOS 13’s Safari will help you in smart browsing

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Safari is a vital app on iOS devices. It permits users to evaluate the web on different devices. This app regularly gets updates even in iOS 13. Safari in iOS 13 becomes useful with numerous features and updates. This page has a download manager. See the new and improved features of Safari in iOS 13.

Revamp Start Page

In iOS 13, Safari has a refurbished start page. This page is available once you open the new tab or window of Safari. It incorporates new suggestions and advanced features of Siri. 

The start page allows you to evaluate different websites. Suggestions of Siri will surface appropriate websites in the browsing history along with regularly visited sites. New start page becomes really interesting. You can easily do different things with this new and improved app.

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View Menu of Website

A smart search field allows you to search and type in URLs. A new icon is located on the left has two As. Tap on this icon and open view menu of the new website. You will be able to view these controls.

  • Text size: It is possible to adjust text size on each website.
  • Activate Reader View: Feel free to activate reader view of the current website you are browsing. It will help you to avoid ads. You will get a book-style, clean reading interface.
  • Hide Toolbar: By eliminating the toolbar, it will be easy to view the webpage on full screen.
  • Desktop Website: Feel free to load the desktop version of websites instead of a mobile version. This feature is available for iPhone and iPads.
  • Website Settings: You can get access to individual settings for every website. Set the site you are on for loading it into reader view or load it as a desktop website. It will help you to disable or enable content blockers on a site. Make sure to toggle access to the microphone, camera and location.

Settings of Website

In settings app of Safari, you can check new pre-site controls. These will help you to adjust different things from privacy settings to page zoom. It is possible to customize individual sites with the use of the view menu. 

You can set the zoom level of every website from 50% to 300%. The default level is 100%.

  • With the request desktop website, you can change the layout of every site by default.
  • Enable reader review to view all sites by default. You will always get a reader mode of the sites.

You can control access of camera, such as deny or allow. Moreover, you will get a chance to control location access. Available options are “allow and deny”. Users can aslo control microphone access.