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How do I fix the Windows blue screen errors?

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Windows blue screen errors are common in laptops and tabletsIf your machine has a Windows operating system, you will face this issue. The BSOD (blue screen of death) error is standard among windows users. Every user faces this error sooner or later. Here are some basic tips to avoid this error.

Blue Screen Error

Blue screen error is a fatal system or stop error. You may face this issue because of crashes in the operating system. Windows may try to prevent your computers from an issue. Common causes of this error are bad drivers, operating system errors, and problems with hardware.

You may not face this problem in new versions because these Windows are more stable. The frequency of this error is gradually decreasing. If this error occurs once, then it is not a big issue. Sometimes, windows work perfectly after a reboot. Here are some tricks to fix a blue screen error. 

laptops and tablets

Stop Code of Blue Screen

It is not possible to resolve this issue without understanding its reason. In the latest version of Windows, a BSOD come with a sad face and an error message. You will see a link of troubleshooting page under this message along with a stop code and a QR code. By scanning a QR code, you can access the support page of Microsoft. Make sure to note a stop code written on this page. Troubleshooting will be comfortable with the help of this code.

Particular Troubleshoot for an Error Code

After noting down the error codeit will be easy for you to troubleshoot its blue screen error. Possible issues may include critical process died, system service exception, memory management, unexpected store error and inaccessible boot devise.

These are common blue screen errors. If you can’t determine the reason behind the blue screen with a code, you have to review current changes in your computer. In numerous cases, you will see a blue screen error after some changes to your computer. These changes may introduce tricky elements into a stable environment. It will make troubleshooting easy for you.

For instance, you are getting a blue screen error after installing a new app. Make sure to uninstall it and solve this issue. Sometimes, your device is running this error after installing a printer. You have to unplug this printer.

If your operating system is crashing after a windows update, go to “Settings – update and security – windows update and check update history”.

On a page, you will get details of the update. Make sure to remove the recent update and notice if your problem is resolved. Check for driver and windows updates. Remember, bad updates can be a significant reason for blue screen error.  

Go to “Settings – update and security – windows update” on your android deviceYou have to apply pending updates and reboot your computer. In numerous cases, it can solve this problem.