How to Mirror the Screen of an iPad Tablet on Apple TV

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Mirror IPad Tablet Screen

If you have an Apple TV set-top box at home, then you can mirror the screen of your iOS 10 device on a compatible TV via AirPlay. The integrated feature in iOS is a wireless protocol, which allows AirPlaying the content straight to the Apple TV from the iOS device. In fact, you can AirPlay the screen of the device to Apple TV easily, now that Apple has updated screen mirroring and has made the feature available in the Control Center of iOS 11. Below is how to mirror the screen of an iPad tablet to the Apple TV.

First, you will need to connect the iPad tablet and the Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network at home, so that you can mirror a game, website content, or a video content on the TV. Swipe from below the iPad home screen to reveal the Control Center once the Wi-Fi connection establishes in both the devices. You will get to see the shortcuts to some of the main features in the iOS 11 in the Control Center including the shortcut to Screen Mirroring denoted by a TV icon.

Tap on Screen Mirroring and iOS 11 will reveal the list of devices connected on the home network – the iPad tablet or a compatible iPhone or a Mac PC. Yet it shall be noted if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, you should press the Screen Mirroring button firmly to reveal the list of devices.

Tap on the compatible device and you will be able to mirror the device screen to Apple TV via the Wi-Fi network by entering the PIN. If you are mirroring the display of the refurbished iPad to the Apple TV for the first time, you may need to enter the PIN in the device that is being displayed on the TV. The PIN is a safety measure, which Apple has integrated into iOS 11, and everyone would have to enter that in their iPad to start mirroring the screen.

The Screen Mirroring feature will let you AirPlay the streaming content in the iPad tablet on the Apple TV having a much bigger display. Swipe up from the iPad home screen and tap on Stop Mirroring in the Control Center once you watch the mirrored content on the compatible TV.