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How to Synchronize the Notes App via iCloud or Gmail

IPad Tablet

Synchronize Notes App

Below is how to synchronize the Notes app with an iPad tablet and Mac PC via iCloud, Gmail, or Exchange. Synchronizing the Notes app across the iOS devices and the Mac will be important especially if you use the inbuilt app on your iPad for taking down notes. Even if you do not have an iCloud account, you can sync the text notes to Gmail or Exchange.

First up, let us understand how to sync the Notes app with iCloud, assuming you have one. Open Settings on iOS, tap on the Apple ID, and tap on iCloud. Then, sign into iCloud and tap the toggle switch for Notes Sync under the Apps Using iCloud section. If you want to sync notes in between an iPad tablet and an iPhone, this much would suffice. However, you would need to configure the Notes Sync on Gmail also to keep the text notes in sync across the Mac PC and other iOS devices as explained below.

In case you use the text notes only and seldom use the iCloud account, or do not own one, syncing them via Gmail or Exchange can also be helpful to you. For this, open Settings on your iPad and tap on Accounts & Passwords. Then, tap on the respective Account that you want to synchronize the notes with, be it the Google account or Exchange account. Now, tap on the toggle for Notes Sync just under the Calendars switch and you are good to go.

In case you got multiple accounts to configure synchronization of notes and have configured, you may need to know how to switch between the respective accounts. For this, open Notes app on iOS and tap on the Back button to the top-left corner of the screen until you see the Folders list. Then, tap on Notes under the account you need to use.

If you use iCloud to synchronize the notes, you can keep them up-to-date in between iOS devices and iMac. This will help you to access the notes, including sketches, and format the same irrespective of the device you use. Moreover, having an iCloud storage account would give you more flexibility in terms of the types of notes you can keep in sync across the said platforms.