How to Add Music to a New Android Tablet

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Add Music To Android Tablet

Most of the Android tablets already have a pre-installed music player that allows users to play their favorite tracks. However, the number of pre-installed music files in most tablets will be limited and they will be a generic sampling of the Google Play Music library. So, if you want to add more music files to your Android tablet, you will have to download the files or copy it to your tablet from another device.

If you already have a computer at your home or office, you might have already saved some of your favorite music files on the device. If that’s the case, you will no longer have to worry about re-downloading all the music tracks. This is because you can easily synchronize the music files in your computer or PC to your Android tablet. However, you will need to install a music player like Windows Media Player to accomplish the task. Below is how to add music to a new Android tablet.

  • Connect your Android tablet to the computer with the help of a compatible USB cable. Make sure the use the USB cable that came with your tablet.
  • An AutoPlay dialog box will appear on your PC, which will prompt you to select how you want to mount the tablet into the computer.
  • Close the AutoPlay dialog box and start the Windows Media Player on the PC.
  • Go to the top right corner of the Windows Media Player and then click on the Sync
  • Now, slowly drag the Sync area towards the music files that you wish to transfer to your Android tablet.
  • Once you have completed selecting the files, click on the Start Sync button to initiate the transfer.
  • Wait for a few minutes and close the Windows Media Player only after the transfer of files has been completed.

When done, carefully unplug your tablet with the PC, and go to the music player in your Android tablet and check whether you are able to see the transferred files in it. If you are not able to see any such music files, you could either perform the set of steps once again or get in touch with an Android tablets technician for assistance.