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How to Configure Apple Pay Cash in an iPad Tablet Ft. iOS 11.2 Beta

Apple Pay wallet is available to iPad Pro series tablets, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air 2, and to a few new iOS devices featuring iOS 11.2 beta. Apple has integrated a feature known as Apple Pay Cash recently into the Apple Pay wallet, which allows users of any of the said iOS devices to send and request digital money through the messaging application. However, only if you configure Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2 beta, you can facilitate the same over the messaging app.

Configuration Steps

  • Navigate to Settings app and select Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Turn on the toggle for Apple Pay Cash and choose the same under the Cards It would read Not Set Up if you were yet to tie the feature into a card.
  • Select Continue, and choose Agree to Terms and Conditions after reading the transaction limits, fees, and so forth to use the service.
  • Tap on Add Debit Card and enter the card details manually. Else, you can place the card at the rear camera of the iPad and details such as Account Name and Account Number would be scanned automatically into the respective columns.
  • Choose Next on the right side, and configure Expiration Date and Security Code, the three digit CVV number in the back of the card on the next page.
  • Confirm Agree to Terms and Conditions once more.

Once you choose to agree to the conditions, you would get a message notifying the same from the bank and you are good to go.

Steps to Send or Request Money

  • Open the icon of App Store denoted by the symbol ‘A’ on the left side of the messaging field in the messaging app. Then, choose Pay highlighted in black next to the symbol and featuring the Apple logo inside.
  • Then, you should key in a USD amount and select either Request or Pay according to your needs.
  • Press the Send button below highlighted by an arrow to push the transfer through.

Apart from the messaging app, Apple Pay Cash can be used to purchase items on any of the websites, which accepts the Apple Pay wallet. Through configuring the feature, you can avoid the hassle of sending or requesting for money via a third-party app.