How to Disable Predictive Text on an Android Refurbished Tablet

Refurbished Tablet

Disabling Predictive Text

The autocorrect feature works when you type a word by hand or with gestures and especially when space is inputted to continue typing an important message in an Android refurbished tablet. The autocorrect feature will automatically correct the spelling or suggest alternately spelled words through a feature known as the predictive text. When the Android dictionary recognizes the word you type in the virtual keyboard, predictive text will suggest alternate words contained in the dictionary.

Sometimes, Android dictionary will simply correct even a coined phrase automatically with a good intention but the eventual word may not be what you intend to type on the virtual keyboard. However, by disabling the predictive text feature you can continue typing an important message with ease.

One of the many good things about Android is that the features in the OS are customizable as per your need. Below explains how to disable predictive text on an Android refurbished tablet ft. Nougat.

Disabling Predictive Text

Navigate to Settings > Languages & Input and under Keyboard and Input Methods, choose Virtual Keyboard > Android Keyboard. Then, select Text Correction menu and then turn off the Next-Word Suggestions toggle switch to disable predictive text on a refurbished tablet running on Android Nougat.

Another option under Text Correction menu is the Personal Dictionary installed in Nougat. By adding a word manually into the dictionary, say WROGN, Android will not automatically correct spelling the next time you type WROGN on virtual keyboard. Since this is a customized dictionary, the term barring popular nouns will not be understood by Android unless you add the noun to the Personal Dictionary.

When you add the word manually, also enter an Optional Shortcut to key in that word and that optional predictive text will be useful especially when you compose long messages.

If you rely on gesture typing to compose messages in the Messaging app of your refurbished tablet, go a level backward from Text Correction menu and choose Gesture Typing menu. In the Gesture Typing menu, you can disable gesture typing on an Android refurbished tablet. In addition, disable Phrase Gesture to stop the automatic adding of space in between words when you swipe over the space bar a hand gesture.