Motorola Might Launch a New Android Tablet

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Motorola Android Tablet

Reports from a reliable source indicate that Motorola is currently working on a new Android tablet. This recent revelation came as a shocking surprise to many tablet users because Motorola has not launched a single tablet in the past five years. It is true that the previous tablet models launched by the manufacturer failed to impress customers, but they are planning for a strong comeback through their latest offering.

It is reported that the new tablet from Motorola, which is in development phase now, will have a 9-inch or 10-inch screen size along with a “premium look and feel”. However, the officials from Motorola have not yet officially confirmed that they are planning to launch a new Android tablet, even though a reliable website published an image of the tablet’s screen as evidence.

It is true that the published image is not that revealing, although it does indicate that the new tablet will contain a version of the multitasking features that were introduced in Lenovo’s Yoga Book. Lenovo is the parent company of Motorola, which means that the inclusion of the multitasking features is more likely to happen in the new tablet model.

One of the most promising features in the Yoga Book, known as the Productivity Mode, allows users to run applications side by side. However, the still running applications of the tablet will also be displayed in the black strip right at the screen’s bottom beside the navigation buttons of the tablet. The Productivity Mode feature turns this area into a dock, which allows users to take advantage of the additional screen space.

We cannot deny the fact that it is actually a bit surprising to see Motorola heading back into the tablet market, as the entire tablet market has not been performing well over the last few months. However, Samsung and Apple are still investing in tablets heavily, and they have launched a few incredible tablets over the last few years.

Motorola will have to face a stiff competition from both Samsung and Apple, as they are currently two of the leading tablet manufacturers in the world. The launch of Apple’s new iPad model just over a month ago has attracted many tablet users and it instantly went on to become a popular tablet choice. However, the smartphones from Motorola are widely accepted by many users across the world. So, we will have to wait for the launch of Motorola’s new tablet to know how it plays in the tablet market.