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5 Best Tablets for Artists?

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With the number of tablets increasing every year, it’s becoming difficult for the artists to decide which device can provide them with a the best experience. 

This article is here to ease your burden of looking for a good priced tablet and guide you in finding the best tablet for the professional experience. There are several drawing tablets which can cater best to your hobby.

Below are the 5 best tablets for artists 


It is probably the greatest name in drawing tablets. Wacom is a great source for delivering an amazing user experience to its clients. The Wacom Intous Draw is great if you are searching for a quality tablet intended for art.  

It’s the best drawing tablet for artisans as far as cost goes. Most good priced tablet are not reliable to use as a drawing tablet. 

2. HUION H610 PRO V2 

The H610 has a battery-powered pen, which is a decent gadget for the individuals who don’t wish to keep more batteries around.

This tablet additionally comes total with 16 adjustable hot cells and eight express keys, making it ideal for amateurs and masters. 

This device is good with Windows and Mac system software, making it flexible enough for most clients. There are a few customers who feel that the installation process of drivers in this tablet tends to take more time and is difficult to understand.

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3. WACOM DTH1320AK0 

It is the tablet that I have, and I can’t suggest it enough! 

For artists with a huge spending plan, not many tablets can top the Wacom DTH1320AK0. Complete with a full intelligent display on an enormous screen, this tablet joins the list of tablets that are must haves for artists. The drawing experience it provides is unmatchable. The display lets you draw anything on the screen as you are drawing something on the paper. This tablet can prove to be a great, especially for those who want to have an interactive user experience.


If the WACOM tablet seems to be an ideal tablet to you, but you can’t afford it, then the YIYNOVA MVP22U is the best alternative for you. The only problem with this tablet is that it does not have any solid image in the market yet. On Amazon and it looks like a good prices tablet and its reviews are very positive and in bulk too. 

5. iPad PRO 

Apple is known as one of the favorites brands for its mobile phones, MacBooks, and tablets across the world. iPad Pro is one of the most bought tablets out there. 

With Apple iPad Pencil, this tablet can become a drawing board in no time. This tablet is the best choice for the people who wants to have a laptop and tablet experience in a single device.