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Best 2019 10 Inch Tablets to Buy Today

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If you are looking for a medium-size tablet, you have come to the right place. You can find the following suggestions at discounts tablet computers. These devices offer you excellent value for your money. Don’t worry; you don’t have to make any sacrifice for performance. 

Apple iPad Air (2019)

People are looking for more than just a basic iPad. The Air comes with 10.5 Inch LCD on a mid-tier tablet; it’s powered by the A12 Bionic chipset, which powers current iPhone X models. This iPad has support for the keyboard cover. It still supports for 1st gen Apple Pencil. Nonetheless, this is a productive device that you can find in discounts tablet computers. 

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

This is a premium Android device; it competes with the Apple iPad. It’s a high-end tablet with Super AMOLED display, its paired with four speakers and comes with the S Pen included inbox. You can also attach the external keyboard to improve its productivity. The Samsung Dex is a useful feature. It lets you exploit this device to its full potential. It’s an excellent performance. The only issue is, there is no fingerprint sensor. Other than that, it’s truly a premium device. 

Microsoft Surface Go

With the instant success of surface series, a budget version was due. Surface Go didn’t disappoint us at all. It’s an excellent option if you want to become a part of the Surface family without paying a premium price. It runs a full version of Windows 10 and can run every desktop app. The hardware is capable enough of utilizing famous Windows Apps. You can find it at discounts tablet computers today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The light version of the Samsung Tab S5e. This version made this list because it’s an excellent affordable version that gives great performance considering its price. If you want the best from Samsung but you don’t want to pay the premium price of Tab S4.

It’s the android version of Surface Go and Apple Air, but you will find it doesn’t lack in any area. It’s an excellent option if you want the premium Android experience, but don’t want anything over the top. discounts tablet computers

Apple iPad (2018)

The latest Generic Apple iPad. It has several excellent features and enjoys a few noticeable improvements over the last generation. It’s powerful enough to handle almost everything you throw at it. It packs the hardware that is more than enough for daily use. You can find it at discounts tablet computers. The biggest selling point of this tablet is it can support the Apple Pencil (1st Generation). It supports Touch ID with a metal build and offers just enough battery life. The device has nice software support for its product and other brands. 

Huawei MediaPad M5 10

The MediaPad M5 10 tablet is an excellent choice if you want the best android tablets has to offer for a cheap price. It’s an excellent overall device for your daily use