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How to Upgrade Your Laptop’s System Memory in As Little As Five Minutes?

Laptops and PC

Are you worried about the memory on your deviceSlow computers can drain your patience and time. Unresponsive apps can cripple your productivity and computer. You have to increase the speed of your computer to decrease your frustration. It is possible to increase the memory of your computer within 5 – 15 minutes. It may not require you to install physical memory.

You can do this without special computer skills. If you can use a screwdriver, easily install your memory. People have a misconception that only experts can install computer memory. It is a myth. To install a new RAM, you will need a computer, memory modules, manual of the system owner and a screwdriver. Make sure to start working with an ESD wrist strap. 

Find Design Number of Laptop

If you want to upgrade the system memory of your laptop, you have to find its design number. You will find it at the base of your laptop. Check for the model or design number under your battery. The manufacturer may have the significant number on the location of the keyboard. 

For instance, HP uses design numbers G6-1064US, DV7-9600, or others. Dell has a four-digit number, such as 1460, 1550, etc. Make sure to find this number in your laptop before purchasing a memory device.

Laptops and PC

Discover the Right Memory

Visit the support page of your laptop brand and get this number. It will help you to choose the perfect amount of memory for your machine. For instance, DDR2 800MHz or DDR3 1077MHz. Several models are available in the market. 

You have to choose the same memory for installation. After purchasing the right RAM, open your laptop and replace its current memory or add another one. Carefully evaluate already installed memory because it will help you to set up a new memory. Read the specs sheet to check out the right memory. 

Memory is Easy and Quick to Add

It takes less than 15 minutes to upgrade the memory of your laptop. In numerous cases, the location of RAM can be different. For this reason, you have to check your device’s manualBy installing a compatible RAM, it will be easy for you to increase the memory and speed of your computer.

Yield Great Rewards with Short Investment

Remember, upgrading the memory of your laptop is a short-term investment. After this investment, it will be easy for you to reap a long-term reward. You will decrease your stress and tension. Installing extra memory will help you to get rid of computer squanders. 

It is an easy way to increase your fun and productivity. Memory updates are cheaper than buying a new computer. By investing your few minutes, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic performance in the long-run.