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4 Best Apps for Film Lovers

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If you are a movie lover, then movie experience doesn’t mean just enjoying the film. It means finding chatters about the film from fellow movie buffs, getting to know the entire cast members, reading reviews and posting your take on the film, and a lot more.

One of the highlighting factors about tablets is that there are plenty of tools, games, and apps for film lovers. These apps allow you to learn a lot about your favorite movies and to stay updated with the latest news from the world of movies. Below are a few apps that all film lovers must install in their device.

IMDb Movies and TV

IMDb is one of the most popular apps and millions of film lovers from all around the world use it. This app offers you access to an abundant collection of TV series, movies, and celebrity information. This app is the first source for trailers, reviews, ratings, and user reviews. You could also create a personal watchlist and add the films you are planning to watch in it.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming apps available in your Play Store and it offers tons of entertaining and exciting movies in different genres. In addition to that, this app also allows you to watch popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Daredevil, Stranger Things, and a lot more. However, you will have to pay a small amount in order to access and watch the contents offered in Netflix.

Movie Quiz

Movie Quiz is an interesting trivia game, which tests your film knowledge. The concept of the game is simple and it starts by displaying four pictures from where you will have to guess the film. You will have to guess the names of movies in different genres such as animation, fantasy, drama, comedy, and science fiction. In addition to that, this is an offline game, which means that you can play the game, even if you do not have an active internet connection.


Fandango is an incredible app that lets you search the movies that are playing near your location. Moreover, you could also check the check the movies that are playing in any theatre. This app also allows you to watch the trailers and book the tickets for a movie. Furthermore, Fandango is easy, quick, fun, and has a simple interface.