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Find Out the Top 10 Tablet Brands in the World

top 10 tablets

If you are looking for the best brand of tablets, you will find that there are many companies that are offering them. It becomes very difficult to choose the best one out of all these because they all have great specifications.

In this article, we have selected the top 10 tablets to help find the best options. After looking into them, you can easily find out which one is right for you.

  1. Apple

Apple is the topmost company that holds around one-quarter of market shares. It offers its best tablet in the iPad Pro. You should check this option first and see if it will suit your needs.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is the next best option, as this company shares 13 percent of market shares. Its best tablet is the Galaxy S6. This is definitely a tablet you should check out.

  1. Amazon

Amazon offers their best tablet in the Fire HD 10. This product is very cost-effective for customers who want a nice tablet at a very low price.

  1. Lenovo

Among the top 10 tablets, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro from Lenovo holds a very good place. Lenovo’s annual revenue is around 45 million USA dollars. This figure adds to its popularity and credibility.

  1. Huawei

Huawei, being the best telecom manufacturing company, offers the Media Pad X2 tablet for its customers that comes with a great design, as well as best inside processor, memory, and speed.

  1. Microsoft

This company has taken over the world of technology. They offer one of the best tablets, Surface Pro 4, of the our time. You should try this one out too and see if it works for you.

  1. Asus

Asus gives us its best tablet in the ZenPad S8. Right now, more than 20,000 people are using this tablet, and it is gaining popularity with time due to its great features.

  1. Google

Google Pixel C tablet by Google doesn’t need any introduction. It has been offered since 2005, and millions of people are using it.

  1. NVidia

NVidia Shield K1 is offered by this company, and it is known to be the best for gamers. If you are looking for a gaming tablet, then you should check out this option.

  1. HTC

Nexus 9 was earning billions of dollars and found to be one of the best tablet options of the present time.


You can select any one of above top 10 tablets because all of them come with great features. The only thing that you have to keep in mind that is that you make sure to get a tablet that meets all your needs. You should not choose only based on how it looks from outside, but more importantly, how it works from inside.