How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for your iPad Apple Account

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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Until recently, Apple iCloud could be accessed via iPad tablets, refurbished iPads, Apple iPhone, iPod, or Mac PC with a password and by keying in the verification code. Now, Apple has made available the two-factor authentication on iCloud and users have been accessing iCloud authentically from June this year. In case you are new to an Apple device and have not activated this feature yet, follow the below given steps to turn on the two-factor authentication in your iPad.

Navigate to Settings > [your name] > Password & Security and then choose the Turn on Two-Factor Authentication option on iOS 10.2 or later. Tap on Continue to proceed. iCloud might prompt you to answer the Apple ID security question, and by answering that, you could make the iCloud passwords authentic.

Explaining Two-Factor Authentication

Being an additional security for your Apple ID, the two-factor authentication ensures that you alone can access the iCloud account even if someone else knows the password. Two-factor authentication links your mobile phone number with the Apple account in your iPad, and after turning on the security feature, you should link personal contacts with iCloud.

Once you fill the country name, phone number, etc., on iCloud, Apple would send a text message or ring you to convey the verification code. Enter the Apple verification code and trusted phone number to turn on two-factor authentication on iCloud.

Things to Remember

Authentic passwords would improve the security of your iPad Apple account. To remember the Apple provided password/verification code, note it down somewhere so that you could access iCloud without fail. To ensure that your Apple account/iCloud is as secure as possible, you need to follow the below pointers as well.

  • Activate two-factor authentication on all Apple devices, apart from your iPad.
  • Keep the personal contact number up-to-date.
  • Add another phone number after two-factor authentication, if required.

Go to Apple ID account page through a web browser, log into iCloud and tap on Security Section and click Edit. With Apple ID and two-factor authentication, you can log into iCloud through new iPad tablets, which you recently purchased, by entering the password as well as a verification code sent to your device. Once logged in, iCloud won’t prompt again to enter the verification code unless you log out from iCloud and use another Apple ID on your iPad.