How to Reduce Cellular Data Usage on iOS 9 in an iPad

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Reduce Cellular Data Usage

Most of the users rely on cellular data to access internet on their iPad. In iOS 9 version, most users have reported the high consumption of cellular data on their iPad. The usages are same but the data consumed is much higher in some instances. This issue occurs mostly in iPad that is updated to the iOS 9 version.

This problem is also accounted for when purchasing iPad with the iOS 9 versions from any wholesale tablets for sale stores. Due to this, most of the users subscribed to unlimited plans in their respective carriers are saving their mobile data to avoid data charges. However, below is how to reduce the cellular data usage on iOS 9 in an iPad.

Disabling WiFi Assist

The WiFi Assist is a new feature introduced in iPads running on iOS 9 version. Enabled by default setting, this feature switches the device to use cellular data if the connected WiFi network is weak. This feature primarily assists in the improving the internet browsing experience.

The WiFi Assist feature can increase the cellular data usage in an iPad. Disabling this feature is one effective way to reduce the cellular data usage. For this, go to, Settings > Cellular and then scroll down. Then toggle the WiFi Assist button to the Off position.

Switching Off Automatic Downloads

Another reason for the increase in cellular data usage is due to automatic downloads feature. This is present in all versions of iOS and is applicable for App Store and iTunes. This feature is activated by default and helps in keeping all the apps in the device updated. However, this downloading of updates is carried out in the background making it difficult for the user to find out.

Automatic downloads use either the WiFi network or cellular data to gather the necessary updates for the apps. By disabling automatic downloads, one can actually save the cellular data on an iPad. For switching it off, go to Settings > (owner name) > iTunes & App Store. Under the Automatic Downloads section, toggle the buttons near each option to its off position to disable automatic downloads for them.

Stop Background App Refresh

The applications in an iPad will continuously refresh itself while the iPad is remaining connected to cellular data or a WiFi network. This can result in unnecessary usage of data that can further increase the amount of data consumed by the device. For stopping this feature, go to, Settings > Background App Refresh. This feature is also enabled by default, so toggle this feature to its Off position.