How to Tweak Location Services Settings and App-Preferences in Refurbished iPads

Refurbished IPads

Tweak Location Services Settings

iOS runs location services in the background of iPad tablets even if the screen stays off. Many apps rely on the location services in iOS, such as weather apps and travel apps. However, you will find it somewhat irritating when some apps ask for location services access the next time you turn on the screen.

The first time you open an app, iOS will notify you whether or not to avail location services in the iPad. Since many apps prompt you various things in iOS, you may confirm the same accidentally to access the app quickly – we all do.

To know if an app is presently accessing the location services, see the arrow appearing to the left of battery symbol in the home screen of refurbished iPads. It is quite common to see that while on Apple Maps or while running weather apps in iOS. However, you should tweak settings if the locations services arrow on the home screen of Apple iPad clogs.

Worry not, iOS will allow you to tweak how and when each app accesses the present location via settings. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and at the top, you will get to see a switch to turn on or turn off all location services followed by the list of apps that require the feature in iOS.

Tap on the app that is consuming battery mostly and clogs in the background, and you will get to see three tweaks – Never, Always, or While Using The App. However, in some apps, you will only see the first two tweaks.

When viewing the list of apps, you will also see the location services arrow to the right of the app’s Location Preference. A gray arrow suggests that an app has accessed your location within the last 24 hours, and a purple arrow suggests that an app has accessed your location just recently. Paying attention to the color will be helpful to track down the apps accessing location services most often and potentially consume device battery.

At the bottom of Location Services, you will see System Services and by tapping on that, you could turn off Location-Based iAds, Diagnostics, etc. Tweaking location services settings and app-preferences to some extent may improve the battery life and performance of refurbished iPads.