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How to Use Android Device Manager for Locating and Remotely Erasing an Android Tablet

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Remotely Erasing An Android Tablet

Android Device Manager is a useful feature from Google that enables one to locate and remotely erasing the data of a lost or stolen Android tablet. Besides, the feature will also enable the user to lock the screen of the missing tablet and also make the tablet ring for locating it faster.

The Android Device Manager feature is mostly used through a web browser, but it is also available as an app for tablets. However, using the Android Device Manager requires the device to be logged in from the Google account used in the tablet. Below is how to use the Android Device Manager to locate and remotely erasing an Android tablet.

Locating the Device

Using the Android Device Manager to locate the device requires going to the device manager either via a web browser or by the app. Note that the device manager must first be enabled in the tablet in order for this feature to work. For enabling this feature, go to Settings and navigate to the Google option. Tap on Security and enable the Remotely Locate This Device and Remote Locate And Erase options. Moreover, the location services must also be enabled for accurately tracking the device.

Go to the Android Device Manager through a web browser or the app and log in using your Google account. The device manager will display a map that will reveal the approximate location of the device. An information box at the left provides details such as model name and number of the tablet, last located time, last online date, and the network that it is connected to. The location data and map can be refreshed by selecting the small compass icon located atop the information box.

Remotely Erasing Data

The Android Device Manager also provides the user with the option to remotely erase the entire data in the tablet. This is a highly useful feature as it prevents the data in your tablet from getting into wrong hands that can lead to any misuse. This feature is mostly used if one fails to find their device or if the device is stolen.

When logged into the Android Device Manager, there is an option to remotely erase the entire contents of the tablet, which will restore the device back to its factory settings. Click on the Erase option, which will display a message that will inform that the tablet will be reset to its factory settings.