Resolving Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues of an iPad

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Resolving Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

The Wi-Fi settings of your iPad will be one of the most important features of your tablet because you will be using the feature almost every day. Connecting the Wi-Fi feature of your iPad to an active internet connection allows you to do a number of exciting things such as browsing the web, accessing social media platforms, downloading apps and games, and a lot more.

However, many users who use own an old iPad recently complained that they are unable to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. If you are having troubles with the Wi-Fi connectivity feature of your iPad, then below are a few steps that will help you resolve the issue.

Check your Wi-Fi Router

The first and most important thing you should do is to make sure that your Wi-Fi router is on and within the range of your tablet. If there are any obstructions in front of your Wi-Fi router, remove them immediately because the signal from the router might be blocked by the obstructions.

Check your Wi-Fi Settings

Tap on the Settings menu of your iPad, select Wi-Fi, and then turn it on. If it is already turned on, tap the name of your Wi-Fi network to connect. If there is a blue checkmark near your Wi-Fi network, then it means that your device is connected to the network.

Enter your Password

Sometimes, you will be prompted to enter the password of your Wi-Fi network. So, enter the password and check whether you are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network or not. If you see an “incorrect password” or an “unable to join the network” message on the screen, restart your tablet and router, and enter the password once again.

Check the Cables

If you are still not able to connect to your Wi-Fi network, then it is best to thoroughly check the cables and connections of your Wi-Fi router to the modem and ensure that they are accurately connected. Now, turn off the router and turn it on again after a couple of minutes before you check your Wi-Fi connection.


If the issue persists even after trying all the above steps, restart your iPad, modem, and router. You will have to unplug your modem and then plug it back in order to restart the modem. Restart each of the devices one by one and check whether the issue is fixed or not. Seek the help of an iPad repair technician for further assistance.