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Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Instead of a Laptop?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The arrival of a number of exceptional tablet-notebook hybrid devices and the launch of Apple’s iPad Pro has urged many users to turn away their attention from laptops. Most of the business-class people and students prefer to buy a tablet rather than settling for a heavy laptop. This is mainly because a tablet is far more convenient to carry around and it allows the user to perform all the necessary tasks such as typing word documents, creating presentations, and do anything they want with much more ease.

One of the leading tablet manufacturers, Samsung has already started to market their Galaxy Tab S2 tablet as a work-friendly device. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offers an incredible performance, which ensures that the users will not experience any disruptions or delays when they are multitasking in their tablet. Below are a few reasons that will explain why you should buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 instead of settling for a laptop.

Compact Size

If you are a person who needs to frequently travel for work-related needs, then you will probably understand that it is a lot easier to carry around a tablet than a heavy laptop. The dimensions of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 are 9.34 x 6.65 x 0.22 inches and it just weighs 10.51 ounces. In addition to that, you will be also able to create and edit work related documents on the tablet with ease.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offers more and better connectivity options to users than most iPad models. You can connect the device to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard or to a wired set with the help of a mini USB or a full USB connector. You will be easily able to find and buy these connectors at a reasonable price. In addition to that, the Samsung Multimedia Dock also enables users to use the tablet at their desk by connecting it with an HDMI port.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has already opened up their productivity apps to Android even the new Outlook app. This implies that Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 owners will be easily able to stay connected to the programs that they need whether its Word, One Note, PowerPoint, or Excel. So, you won’t be facing any difficulties when you are editing, sharing, or creating documents.