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Should your Preschooler be Allowed to use an iPad?

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If you are the parent of a preschooler, you might have already confused yourself with whether your child should use an iPad or not. This question becomes more pressing when similar aged children huddle around iPads and tablets at places where both children and adults gather.

Are iPads good for the children? Should you allow your child to use an iPad or should you avoid it? There are many answers like Yes, Sort Of, May Be, or I Don’t Know, to these questions. It is true that everyone has an opinion on iPad use, and most of us would argue that tablets use by toddlers is not good, although many others believe that tablets have many educational benefits.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics is confused on their opinion and has updated their policy that screen-time should be avoided for children that are of two years age and younger. Yet recently, they said that we are living in a digital world and you should judge the content rather than the device used to access the content.

The Debate

It is okay for a kid to be bored. This is applicable to two years old, six years old, or ten years old children alike. However, an iPad should not be considered as the end to all boredom. There are many good ways to kill boredom, instead of handing an iPad to the kid. Besides, the hunt for the cure for boredom makes children real children. This will help them use their creativity and imagination.

Kids should learn how to be frustrated, overcome conflicts, and how to share. This is the reason many pediatric psychologists warn against the use of tablets or electronic gadgets. It is not about what or how much a child learns from the tablet, but it is about what they are not learning when they indulge themselves on using the tablet.

Children learn through play and an important part of games is interaction. They learn by interacting with the world and other children. They learn how to handle tough situations when a strong playmate refuses to play a game or take their favorite toy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has revised their policies and recommendations on screen-time, as latest researches in this field has revealed that apps can be as effective as real world learning for children as young as two years of age. Unfortunately, there are not much researches being conducted in this field.