Some Tips and Tricks for Effectively Using your iPad

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iPad Tricks

Since its debut in 2010, Apple’s iPad has been the favorite among many and the manufacturer has come up with many new models since. In spite of its popularity, still several features remain unused, which can limit the capabilities of the tablet. The following are some of the tricks and shortcuts that you can use to access these features.

Customizing the Apps in the Dock

For easy accessibility of apps, it is necessary to rearrange them like pinning to the bottom of the screen. Through this, they appear on the app dock and you can arrange up to six of them on your iPad. To do this, press and hold on any app icon on the home screen and drag it into the dock.

Find My iPad System

The Find My iPad feature is an excellent way of keeping track of your iPad. In case of your iPad being lost or stolen, this feature can aid in accurately tracking and locating the device. To activate this feature, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad. Many options are available here to help with tracking your device.


Like Windows and Android, Apple has introduced multitasking feature in the iPad devices. Through this, it is now possible to view and use two apps at the same time. A separate window at the edge of the display assists in viewing these apps and it requires only simple swiping actions. Check out the tablet rental offers at and experience how multitasking can be amazing with iPads.

Triple Pressing the Home Button

This accessibility feature will find immense use among those with visual and auditory disabilities. You can assign many accessibility features to the home buttons after it has been triple pressed. This is enabled through the Settings menu under the general and accessibility option. In the accessibility shortcut, option, there is a provision for assigning various accessibility services like voiceover, invert colors, zooming, etc.

As a Secondary Monitor

You can connect your iPad to a laptop for using it as a secondary monitor. This requires the use of apps such as Duet Display, Air Display, etc. After installing such an app in your iPad, simply connect it to your laptop and enjoy the added monitor.

Uninterrupted Video Playback

Previous iPad users have to quit video playback in order to check another app. However, this is unnecessary in the latest models such as iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. The home button can minimize the video to a corner to view other apps instead of closing it completely.