Tips to Free Up the Storage Space in your Tablet

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The sizes of apps and all the data they encompass are increasing rapidly. This has led to new tablet devices constantly being updated in order to tackle these storage demands. However, budget conscious buyers still opt for tablet models with lower storage options. Yet such tablets can present various issues due to the lack of storage space, as the size of contents is increasing day by day.

Extending the memory by opting for a higher end model will not necessarily solve this issue of sufficient storage space. Nevertheless, if you followed the tips mentioned below, it would help you in freeing up some storage space in your tablet.

Clearing the Cache

Cache data from apps accumulates over time and takes up valuable space on your device. Clearing the cached data is a good way to save some space in the memory. This option is available in the Settings menu under the Apps tab. Select any app and apply the Clear Cache option to wipe the data away.

Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps

Most of the apps in your tablet remain unused, thereby taking valuable storage space in your tablet. Deleting such no longer used apps is an excellent option to recover storage space in your device. The Apps tab in the Settings menu contains the list of all the installed apps and the spaces they are taking. Simply uninstall those apps that do not use anymore.

Streaming Content

Streaming is a better alternative than downloading the entire content into the device, whether it is videos, music, or photos. This can help save space by enabling you to watch the content without the need to download. Many streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube offer content that are stream-able across a wide range of devices.

Limiting the size of Photos and Videos

The photos and videos captured by your tablet’s camera accounts for huge amounts of data, which take up the device memory space quickly. Most of them record in full resolution that drains up valuable space. Consider limiting the size of photo and video capture to a medium level. Even when utilizing the full resolution of the camera for photos and videos, it is better to use them sparingly.

Deleting Messages

Messages from the cellular and WAP services tend to accumulate over time in the inbox of your tablet. These messages take up space and needs to be deleted on a regular basis. Most of the devices have the option to automatically delete the messages, which can be found under the messages settings.