Tips to Prevent Overheating in Android Tablets

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Prevent Tablet Overheating

Overheating of Android tablets can make the device sluggish, restart, or freeze. However, note that overheating can or cannot be normal based on the situation. Every Android device will have the tendency to overheat when used heavily, as the heavy usage will call for intense CPU and GPU usage.

Types of Overheating in Android Tablets

Android overheating can be broadly classified into two categories: CPU & GPU overheating and battery overheating. Most of the new Android tablets and smartphones feature Octa Core or Quad Core processors that can produce heat while used heavily. Dual Core Android tablets usually feature Adreno GPU like Adreno 305 or Adreno 302.

CPU & GPU Overheating

This is the most common type of overheating seen in Android tablets. This overheating is not problematic and can be controlled by controlling the usage of the device. The below tips can help control CPU and GPU overheating in Android tablets.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

The more apps you install on your Android tablet, more resources will be used by these apps, resulting in overheating of the device. You can uninstall the apps that you do not need or use, as these apps can work in the background to use resources, thereby overheating the tablet.

Clear Cache and Junk Files

You will need to get rid of the cache and junk files from your Android tablet or phone. Cache is the immediate memory that will be used by the processor to decrease RAM usage. When the cache is full, the CPU will have to work more to access data, thereby resulting in overheating.

Set Network Mode to GSM

When not in use, you can set the network mode of the device to GSM from WCDMA or LTE mode, as GSM mode will always ensure good signals and it will help reduce the load on the processor and hence help control CPU overheating.

Battery Overheating

Overheating of the device can also happen when the battery of the device overheats while using 3G/4G networks. However, if you find that the battery of the device is always hot, you need to attend the problem quickly, as it is a serious issue.

When the battery of the tablet is always hot, it means that the device battery is malfunctioning and needs to be changed. Note that a normal working battery will not get hot while charging, but a faulty one will. Yet using faulty chargers can also lead to battery overheating.