Tips to Safely Move Files and Apps to SD Card in Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Moving To SD Card

Freeing up consumed space is one of the easiest ways to make the most of the Android tablets, in both internal as well as external storage. That said, most tablet users promptly transfer the photos, music, movies, and other stored files to make full use of the given space. When 16 GB does not suffice to fulfill your entertainment needs, how else can you store large-sized movies?

Slotting in a tested micro-SD card would expand the given space to something spacious such as 1 Terabyte SSD or something like that. Before buying an SSD variant though, you must ensure that the device supports 1 TB micro-SD card.

You can shift the default storage location of photos through Camera settings and music through the Google Play Music settings. To free up the internal storage, you can also transfer the multimedia files or most used apps to the micro-SD card.

Moving Tablet Apps to External Memory

Tablet users might want to know two things first up; Android Nougat helps store files in Google Cloud and helps transfer applications at once via app settings. Moreover, you should check that the compatible micro-SD card is inserted to the tablet prior to transferring the files. Toggle through to Settings > Apps on your Android tablets to see the downloaded apps, and tap on the app that you intend to move. Note that this navigation is subject to change in the stock Android and on a tablet having Custom UI.

Moving Multimedia Files to the SD Card

In your Android tablet’s Settings page, you might find an option Transfer Data to SD Card that lets you manually move multimedia files to external storage. Depending on the size of the files onboard, this process might consume time hence doing it through PC might speed up transfer.

Connect your tablet to the Apple MAC or Windows PC with the USB cable and look for the internal memory and external memory as separate. Moving the apps is a last resort only and shall be adopted only if tablet memory is insufficient. Meanwhile, moving the multimedia files frees up excess space. No matter, note that you do not move the Android system files accidentally when using the PC to perform the transfer.