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Top Android Applications for Classrooms

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Android Apps

The little champs have embraced the concept of studying from a tablet in American schools. To fully explore the potentials of portable learning, the Android devices must be having utility applications. The following are some of the best apps that keep children fully engaged in studies.

Document Scanner

The document scanner is a simple and intuitive application that helps capture E-books from texts in PDF format. Users only need to turn the camera on and place it above the text they want to scan. The convenience lies in the fact that you could take soft copies and store the same in either E-Mail or Cloud network for future access.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

The method of recording voice remains similar as in Smartphone but you could simply buy a paid version of the said app and record in 320 kbps. The intuitive app gives timely alerts on the available storage as and when the recording is in progress. Students could use these stored tapings in the SD card for clarifying the doubts in classroom notes.

Astrid Organizer

Think of a to-do task manager with calendar for making combined studies organized. All the class assignments, mini projects, and routine work tasks could be synchronized in Google tasks for future access. This way, a leader can simply assign the given task to members in the team and set performance standards.


Taking scribble notes is the thing of the foregone past. The thing with cloud computing driven applications, they eliminate the need for having a designated storage hard disk. You may be a friend of someone and you could simply access his or her notes, either using desktop PC or a tablet. This does not mean you can afford to bunk classes all the time, though.


Groupboard is basically an application functioning much like a virtual whiteboard. Students and tutors could simply pair their Android tablets with anything but web browsers and the Apple iOS. Forming groups among students, with a possible limit of up to five users, could also be done for enhanced studies.

Where does that leave the prospect of studying from tablets instead of physical notebooks?

Once the tablets are sold in bulk to either students or teachers, we can afford to get our heads around with that thought. Schools can arrange for bulk tablets from tablets wholesale agencies to improve the use of technology in studies.