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What Makes the Samsung Tablet Innovative

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Innovative Samsung Tablet

Samsung foldable smartphone has been part of the discussion of techies following announcement in January 2017. What is going to hold the breath of experts in mobile world congress by year end? Well, the initial heresy has only revealed very little from Korea; that Samsung is going to ship 100, 000 units by the third quarter.

The Uniqueness of a Smartphone cum Tablet

The concept has not been tried since QWERTY Keyboards and Flip phones paid way to Touchpad. A fold-in smartphone concept was on the radar, though the top brass of the electronic giant dropped it due to user inconvenience. Nobody held press releases or anything to comment on that, but going by the repute of Samsung you could expect something that folds out, not in. Apparently, it is a 7.1-inch display conversion tablet. Once we get our hands on the device, we can know more. It is rumored that the device is at least 0.6 inches shorter than the standard tablet.

Response to Preemptive Failure

It would seem the smartphone and the tablet markets have subdued recently compared to January onslaught. There are numbers to rely on, and then there are the obvious market trends driven by tablet upgrades and sequels. That aside, the Korean giant does insist on respectable figures for Q2 and even better performance on Q3. No better time to launch the foldable tablet, given the preemptive failure of Galaxy S7 Edge, which featured a display that wraps onto the side panel. Samsung knows with the odd failure, there is the success around the corner.

What is With the Fold? Why Not Launch the Phablet?

That is even the catch for everyone including techies. Despite weighing more than a convertible Smartphone, no Phablet has been subject to release featuring a display that doubles back on itself by half. Just a simple guess reveals the fact that the 7.1-inch tablet display retracts to 3-point something once folded. What about the technical hurdles? Will the side bezels, the circuit boards and other internal configuration bend?

You could relax now. Such kind of questions has been doing the rounds since the 2015 patent filing, which featured an array of Samsung tablets and smartphones having similar concepts. The patent highlight was, in fact, models that had “scroll roll” Display, the ones that could be rolled up like a scroll!