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How To Be an Android Power User?

finding my tablet

Android allows its users to get the advantage of numerous power features, such as find my tabletNo doubt, android is a famous operating system. With every update, users can get the advantage of new features. A majority of smartphone owners are not aware of the power features in android. See these unique features to power up your device.

Replace Apps with Shortcuts

You may rarely utilize app shortcuts in android. They are challenging to discover for this reason you have to visit a similar screen in an app. Replace the icon of the app on your home screen may help you out. 

Removing the icon of play store from home screen and add “My Apps” shortcut to save some taps. Feel free to replace file apps with a shortcut or replace the icon of YouTube with the subscription shortcut. 

USB Devices

You can connect your android to USB devices. It will help you to transfer files or backup pictures from a camera. Plugin a USB device and see a notification from file manager of your phone. Make sure to type out a report and plug in an old keyboard. Feel free to plug in USB headsets, SD card readers, Xbox controllers, Ethernet adapters, floppy drives and hard drives.

finding my tablet

Pull Down Quick Settings

Swipe down on a status bar to check notifications. Remember, swipe down allows you to access quick settings toggle. You can save time by using two fingers to swipe down for quick settings. You can make adjustments in the “find my tablet” app in quick settings.

Deactivate Battery Optimizations

Android allows you to limit the activities of apps in the background. Numerous apps may function normally under battery micromanagement of android. Some apps work really well once you turn off optimization. Feel free to disable battery optimizer for a few apps. Make sure to hold down the desired apps on the home screen. 

Night Light

Several android phones allow you to use a night light. This blue light can decrease strain on your eyes and brain. If you want to counteract the negative effects of blue light on your eyes, make sure to activate night light before using your phone in the night.

The procedure of set up may vary based on android tablet and phone. This option is available under the “Display” menu in the settings app. Feel free to search for a night light in settings.

Access Camera Quickly

Double-click a power button to open a camera. You can replace other unnecessary shortcuts with a camera. Some devices allow you to use the power button to access the camera quickly. 

If you want to listen to music with an earbud, android comes with a handy feature to merge right and left audio channels. It will help you to enjoy a full range of music with an earbud. Accurate location of settings may vary in each device. Mono audio can be accessible in the accessibility menu.