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Google’s 5 newly launched improved devices

New Tablets

Google launched new devices with unique features. These devices have exciting characteristics. The Pixel 4 smartphone and several hardware devices come with artificial intelligence. With this new phone, you can get the advantage of a second camera lens, motion-sensing technology and facial recognition technology. It allows customers to switch apps or skip songs without touching your device. These devices are available in orange, white or black color.

With the latest Pixel 4, Pixel Buds earbuds (wireless) and Mini Speaker Nest, AI-powered Google Assistant, you can enjoy several unique features. 

Five Newly Launched Devices

Google has unveiled five new devices, such as Nest Mini (Home Mini), Pixel Buds (wireless earbuds), Pixel 4 phone, PixelBook Go (a touchscreen laptop) and a Wi-Fi router (mesh). New Tablets

Pixel 4 Phone

Pixel 4 smartphone of Google may be available in $799. The larger XL version will cost $100 extra. These are two devices with identical battery capacity and screen size. Google is focusing on its notch-centric design. This device may come with motion sensors, silence alarms, and other features.

The next generation of Google will include some unique featuresA new camera will come with dual exposure controls and astrophotography. The IR-based security is available with a fingerprint sensor. You can expect a smooth OLED display and an impressive battery.

Nest Mini

With this little device, you can get the power of smart Google Assistant. It is a small device in the portfolio of Google along with Home Max, Google Home, Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub. You can buy it in attractive colors. You can use Ok Google or Hey Google to wake this device up. It is compatible to control your smart devices. With this powerful device, you can manage different tasks of your house. 

Pixel Buds

Pixel buds can make things easy and quick for you. These are secure and comfortable with making clear calls and delivering high-quality sounds. Remember, their battery life is an impressive feature. Pixel buds can sit comfortably in your ears and stay put during exercises.

PixelBook Go

If you need a faster Chromebook, you will need PixelBook Go. Google offers some incredible features, such as a fantastic keyboard and extraordinary battery life. It is a smart laptop with 1080p webcam and an impressive display. This versatile book features 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C 3.1 ports and thunderbolt ports. 

Wi-Fi Router (Mesh) 

With this router, you will get an ideal solution for basement connectivity. It allows you to enjoy fast signals in every room. Advanced software app in the background allows you to manage everything in a better way. For your family Wi-Fi control, it can be an ideal choice. You can pause the Wi-Fi on the devices of kids during dinner and bedtime.