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How to Choose the Best Baby Monitoring System at Home That Fits with Android OS?

Android Tablet PC

If you want to move around in the house peacefully while your baby is getting a nap, you need a baby monitor. But reviews show that most of the parents are not happy with old-fashioned baby monitors because of their battery problem and audio interruption etc. Time has changed, and now you can buy Baby monitor with Android OS. 

Know The Basics About Baby Monitor

Today’s baby monitors are much smarter than old-fashioned baby monitors. Now, these monitors can recognize and transmit only the specific pattern on voice to minimize the audio interruption. If you are using baby monitor with an Android tablet, then you don’t even need to have an extra motion sensor sort of thing because tablet camera and the annexed app will detect motion and will transmit image or video. The only drawback of buying a baby monitor with Android tablet is the cost.Android Tablet PC

Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Monitoring System

Here we are going to share some tips for the parents who are planning to buy some baby monitor.

  1. First of all, you need to decide what type of baby monitor you want to buy. If you’re going to buy an audio-only baby monitor, then it may cost you about $25 to $75 only. But if you want to buy Audio/Video baby monitor then the price range will be $80 to $350. 
  2. Frequency Band is another thing to consider if you are planning to buy an old-fashioned baby monitor system. Most of the brands use 1.9GHz frequency band. So if you know that your neighbors are also using some baby monitor, try not to buy the baby monitor that uses 1.9GHz instead purchase the one which uses 2.5GHz because there would be almost no interruption.
  3. The battery is the most reported problem. So buy an energy-efficient baby monitor with good enough battery time.
  4. Night vision is the option that you shouldn’t ignore. Most modern Android tablet doesn’t have night vision options, but you can still find one from the market.
  5. The temperature sensor is something good to consider. The temperature change will be teasing for your baby, and it’s a good idea to keep temperature monitored so the baby may take a peaceful nap.
  6. Motion sensor, as we mentioned earlier, is not required anymore if you are using Android tablet PC
  7. There can be other technical features that parents may consider before buying a baby monitor, but here we mentioned some must-have features so make your life easier with a baby monitor.