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3 Ways to Convert your Android Tablet for Use in Business

You may have considered using your tablet for assisting with your business. The reasons may vary as some find it much easier to carry around while others find the Android interface much easier for productivity uses. The only thing that is required is combining the device with the right accessories to make it on par or above the functionality offered by a laptop.

Besides, the availability of several hundreds of apps dedicated to content creation, organizing, and sharing will make it easier to manage your business needs using a tablet. However, using a tablet right away for productivity or business uses is not going to work. Below are three ways to transform your Android tablet for use in business.

Pairing Accessories

The first thing to do if you wish to convert your tablet into a productivity machine is to pair it with the right kind of accessories. This can improve the functionality offered by your tablet making it easier to carry out selected tasks. Some of the essential accessories that you must include are:

  • Keyboard – Adding an external keyboard has the clear advantage of offering speed and convenience in creating text content as well as in navigating the various features of the tablet.
  • Case – Investing in a folio case is one of the best ways to hold the tablet and the external keyboard together. It can offer protection to the tablet and the inbuilt kickstand can help in keeping the tablet upright when you are typing.
  • Stylus – Yet another helpful accessory that you can pair with your tablet is the stylus. You can use it to easily take notes, create diagrams, and charts more easily.

Installing Note Taking Apps

While using your tablet for business applications, it is vital to take notes and reminders. There are many apps for taking notes and the best ones that you can install on your tablet are:

  • Evernote – Evernote is a highly useful note-taking tool that you can use to create notes, make to-do lists, and many other tasks. Besides, you can also use a stylus to create notes and save them in Evernote.
  • OneNote – OneNote is yet another effective note-taking app that you can install on your tablet. It can be easily integrated with Windows, thereby allowing you to access and manage these notes from any Windows devices.

Using Finance Apps

The Play Store contains a good selection of accounting and finance apps that you can install for your business needs. Some of the popular ones that you can use on your tablet are:

  • QuickBooks – The QuickBooks Android app when installed on your tablet can aid in your business greatly. It can help you track sales, send invoices, review payments, and many other purposes.
  • Mint – Mint is a personal finance app that you can install on your Android tablet to keep track of the spending and budgets of your business. You can add your bank accounts and other details that aid the app to retrieve spending data, categorize transactions, and organize the monetary data.