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Alternative Uses of Old Android Tablets

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The resurgence of completely new set of models that can cope with the advancing technology may have rendered your old Android tablets useless. These obsolete tablets can never give the value that you are expecting by selling them online. It can leave you in a situation where you abandon the usage of the old device completely. Still, old tablets have other good uses as well, that will be of much help to you. Here are some of the best possible uses you can find in an old Android tablet.

Universal Remote Control

It will be surprising for you to discover that your old tablet can aid in home automation. Using it as a universal remote can help in controlling many of the appliances in your homes. Any devices connected over Wi-Fi can be controlled using the tablet. You can make use of any remote control apps for this, such as Peel Smart Remote, AnyMote Home, etc.

Security Camera

The front and rear camera in the tablet can act as a security camera for your homes and offices. There are many apps available that makes this possible such as AtHome Video Streamer. You just have to make sure that you mount it on a stand and place it at the best vantage point for good coverage.

Digital Photo Frame

Rather than relying on costly digital photo frames the tablet is a good alternative for this very purpose. It offers a lot of functionality than conventional digital photo frames. Apps such as Photo Slides available for download at the Google Play Store will enable displaying the photos automatically. Just make sure to keep it near an outlet for charging and use a stand to ensure proper support for the device for easy viewing.

Digital Library

With eBooks gaining immense popularity nowadays, your old tablet can be modified to use as a storehouse of information. Large memory capacity and the big screen will make reading and reference interesting. Meanwhile, connecting to the internet opens up a whole world of information that is easily accessible through the tablet.

Wi-Fi Extender

Setting your old Android tablet as an extender for Wi-Fi is yet another useful function. This will provide numerous benefits, as it will help in providing increased coverage of the Wi-Fi network across the home. Installing them is easy, as you just have to connect the tablet to the router. Then using apps like Hotspot Control or FoxFi will help you convert the tablet into a hotspot easily.