How to Avoid Virus Attack on Android Tablets

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Avoiding Virus Attack

Many Android tablet users often complain that their device is under a virus or malware attack. However, what they do not realize is that in most of the cases, what they are actually seeing is an ad, which convinces them that their device is infected with a dangerous virus. The ad further prompts users to download an app to solve the issue.

If you are experiencing such an issue on your Android tablet, you might be a bit tempted to download the app. However, doing this will certainly not solve the issue but it might make things worse. So, seek the help of an expert Android tablet repair technician for assistance. Below are a few simple tips on how to avoid a virus attack on Android tablets.

Install Apps Only From the Play Store

The option to install apps from unknown sources will be disabled in most Android tablets by default. However, ensure that it is disabled by opening the Settings menu of your tablet and check whether the Unknown Sources option is disabled under the Security feature. If it is not disabled, make sure to disable it.

Avoid Cloned Apps

Most Android tablet users who download apps and games from Android Play Store often experience virus and malware attacks. This is mainly because some apps, particularly cloned apps, might have malicious code within them. So, try not to download cloned apps from unknown developers.

Check App Permissions

Before you hit the Install button after downloading an app, make sure to check its required permissions. If any of the newly downloaded apps ask for device admin permission, do not grant it. Giving device admin permission to an app makes it impossible for you to delete it later.

Update your Tablet to the Latest Android Version

If your Android tablet is not updated to the latest version, then the chances of encountering a virus or malware attack are higher. So, make sure that your tablet is up to do date and constantly check for new updates and install them if available.

Install an Antivirus App

If you are not downloading any apps from unauthorized sources and if your tablet is up to date, then you might feel okay not to have an antivirus app. However, installing a reliable antivirus app will give you a peace of mind if you are concerned over a virus attack on your Android tablet.