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How to Customize Common Android Settings in your Tablet

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Customize Common Android Settings

Most tablets run on the Android operating system due to its versatile and open nature. This will allow in making changes in the way the device operates in accordance with your preferences. If you own an Android tablet, you might have noticed the easy customization features that will aid in customizing the device much easier.

The Settings feature on your tablet can be used to make a number of customizations in the device and its functioning. This will enable you to make a number of customizations to suit your usage and other preferences. Below is how to customize common Android settings on your tablet.

Altering Font Size and Wallpaper

The font size and wallpaper are one of the most customizable settings on your Android tablet. They are crucial accessibility features that will help you to adjust the display parameters of the tablet to suit your preferences. The default font size can be customized to your needs by going to Settings and navigating to Display.

Choose the Font Size setting and select any option that you prefer. The wallpaper can be easily customized to any images of your choice that will make your tablet appear more personalized. For this, select Wallpaper from the Display option and choose any of the default ones or any images of your choice.

Disabling and Uninstalling Apps

Disabling or uninstalling any app is a great way to customize your tablet. For uninstalling an app, go to the Settings and select Apps, which will then display all the apps that are installed on your device. Tap on the app that you want to remove completely from your tablet and select the Uninstall option.

Disabling is a customizing feature that is useful for the preinstalled apps on your tablet. These apps cannot be uninstalled but you can disable the apps from functioning. In the case of system and preinstalled apps, the Disable option will appear instead of Uninstall when you select them.

Filtering Notifications

Your tablet can be customized to filter any of the notifications issues by messaging or social networking apps. They can be filtered to selectively view or block them entirely from displaying on your tablet. For this, select Notifications from the Settings menu, which will display all the apps installed on your tablet. Select the app that you want to filter notifications and choose the Block All, Show Silently, or Override Do Not Disturb options according to your liking.