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How to Fix Common Issues in Galaxy Tab S3 7.0

Android Tablets

Galaxy Tab S3 Common Issues

Galaxy Tab S3 7.0 is one of the best Android tablets released by Samsung, but some owners whine about common issues affecting the device all the time. Below are three commonly occurring issues in Galaxy Tab S3 7.0 and the respective troubleshooting steps to fix them.

Play Store Download Issues

Clearing Google Play Store cached memory as well as data would fix the issue, and that is a logical thing to try out before proceeding with complicated troubleshoots. To fix Play Store download issues go to Apps > Settings > General > Application Manager, select Google Play Store from All Tabs, and tap on Clear Cache.

Same way, you could Clear Data by going to the Application Manager on Galaxy Tab S3 7.0. The Android system would warn you that clearing Play Store data would wipe out files, settings, etc. Click OK to confirm and proceed.

The BootLoops

A firmware glitch or a hardware concern may cause any Android tablet to get caught up in a bootloop, let alone Galaxy Tab S3 7.0. Either way, users should perform a factory reset to clear the device rebooting constantly until the battery drains out. To clear the bootloop in Tab S3, perform a hard factory reset in stock recovery mode.

Press the Power button and then tap on Power Off followed by OK to turn off the device. Then, grab a hold of the Power button and Volume Up key simultaneously to turn on the device in stock recovery mode. Let go of the keys when Android logo appears on the screen.

Use the Volume down Key to scroll downwards, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, and use the Power button to confirm your selection. Press the Power button again to select Reboot System Now and complete hard factory reset. Remember to take a back up of the data before performing this troubleshoot on Galaxy Tab S3 7.0.

Wi-Fi Disconnecting Issue

Basically, users need to tweak the Wi-Fi sleep policy in Android to download files when the Tab S3 hibernates. Go to Applications > Settings > Wi-Fi Settings and then tap on Menu Button > Advanced > Wi-Fi Sleep Policy. Three options are given to all the refurbished tablet Android users and users of Tab S3:

  • Never hibernate when screen turns off
  • Never when charging
  • Default Settings (Never)

Choose the one that suits your needs and you are done.