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How to Install Google Assistant on Android Tablets Featuring Lollipop or Later

Android Tablets

Install Google Assistant

The Google Assistant supports in Android tablets featuring Lollipop, Marshmallow, or Nougat versions. Through a hidden activity in Google app, the Google Assistant feature can be activated manually in Android tablets.

Firstly, install Activity Launcher application or Nova Launcher app through Google Play Store on your Android tablets ft. Android Lollipop or later. In addition, ensure that you have the latest version of the Google app as well on the Android device to enable Google Assistant as explained below.

Explaining Activity Launcher Method

Open the app, go to Recent Activities tab, and then tap on All Activities. Wait until all activities load on your tablet, and then tap on the Google app by scrolling down the list. The app will be listed as Then, users would be lead to Google Assistant’s new Explore Screen wherein they will learn how to create custom shortcuts and access other features.

Then, tap on Add Reminder and set up a voiceover command when Google prompts you to do so to summon the Google Assistant. Simply register the voice for authorizing voice commands.

Explaining Nova Launcher Method

Just long-press on an empty space on the home screen of your Android device, then tap on Widgets, and then select the Nova Launcher app from the app drawer. Then, tap and grab a hold of the Activities and then drag it to the home screen and then scroll downwards and select the Google app.

From here on in, follow the rest of the steps as explained in the Activity launcher method and then users are all set to access Google Assistant on their favorite Android tablets. Set the voiceover command as OK Google, and then the next time, you can open the Google Assistant by simply saying “OK Google”.

It is advisable not to install future updates of Google app if either of the two methods works. Moreover, note that your refurbished tablet will not be rooted if you enable Google Assistant either through Nova Launcher or Activity Launcher app. Google had announced in last year’s I/O conference that Google Assistant would be a Pixel device exclusive, but no so if you try these steps in Android Lollipop or later.