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Laptop vs. 14 Inch Tablet – Which One Should You Choose?

mid android 9 inch tablet

If you have a 14-inch tablet, is it better than a laptop? This is an interesting debate, and following we want to discuss some important points before we reach our conclusion. We will also let you where the mid android 9 inch tablet stands!


There is no doubt that laptops have far better hardware. Most laptops have Intel I-Core processors. Tablets do have multicore processors as well, but you cannot compare them with each other. Tablets are thin, and they don’t have internal fans. Laptops do. Therefore, this is another reason that laptops perform better when it comes to processing power; these devices can cool down their processors better than tablets while having superior hardware.

The Operating System

The earliest tablets used operating systems which were very similar to the one used in smartphones. However, they have come a long way since then and there have been many developments since then. Today you can buy tablets that perform like a full-fledged laptop. If you don’t believe this, you should consider Surface devices. These are nothing less than a laptop when you pair them with a keyboard. On top of that they run full windows app. They are excellent devices, but that is not the case most times.

Most tablets today run on Android and iOS. While these OS have their perks, they are not as productive and powerful as compared to Windows. These systems have their limits. 

android 9 inch table


This is where tablets take the lead. Tablets are lightweight and smaller; therefore they are easy to move around. These don’t have the same raw power that laptops do so they have excellent battery life as compared to laptops.  Even the thinnest laptop weight 2 pounds, a generic tablet weighs far less than this. Tablets have the upper hand when it comes to portability, why do you think mid android 9 inch tablet is so popular?


Let’s get to the bottom, Laptops have a bigger and better display in most cases, but there are rare occasions when tablets give laptops a tough competition in this area, such as the 14-inch tablets. Once again, this is a rare case. Most tablets have a screen size of 7”-9” or larger tablets have 10”-13”. 

14” display size is very rare for tablets. These are pretty common for laptops. The popular laptop sizes are 13”, 14”, 15” and 17”. Don’t think tablets can have the upper hand because they have a bigger display; laptops have the upper hand here. There can be a few cases were tablets do have better display quality. Be careful when you buy android 9 inch mid tablet.


To be honest, which device is better depends on your preferences. If you want something for casual use like watching content, surfing the internet, and social media, a device you can move around easily, then you are better off with a tablet. If you want something for serious business, then a laptop will do fine. Consider this when you buy a mid android 9 inch tablet.