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Many Android tablet users claim that rooting their device enabled them to enjoy several elevated administrator privileges. However, rooting your Android tablet is certainly a risky task and it might even affect the performance of your device and make it unsuitable for use.

Many tablet users, who root their devices, have no idea on how to proceed. Fortunately, there are many incredible Android applications that allow you to make the most of your rooted tablet. These applications offer functionalities such as custom ROM installer, restore manager, system font changer, and app data backup. Below are a few rooted apps, which would help you do a lot more with your Android tablet.


SuperSU is one of the most popular rooted apps available in the market, and it effectively handles all the superuser or root access. This incredible app allows you to grant permission to the apps that request system privileges. In addition to that, this app has a number of features such as un-root option, access and request logs, and a lot more.

Device Control

Device Control is an all-in-one application, which helps you to control the parameters of your tablet. You can use this app to adjust the frequency of the processor, control the screen colors, alter input voltages, and even modify the entropy level. In addition to that, this app also allows you to increase the performance of your tablet by improving various parameters.

Root Browser

Root Browser allows you to browse your Android tablet with root privileges. You can use this app to remove the system applications and modify the system partition’s data. This app comes with many advanced features such as APK file extractor and decompile, files archiver and extractor, and many more.


Greenify is actually a mix of performance booster and battery saver. This app hibernate the apps, which consumes a major portion of the system files. This will in turn boost the performance of your Android device and allow it to run much faster.

System App Remover

The System App Remover app allows you to uninstall undesired system applications and bloatware from your tablet. In addition to that, this app also allows you to move apps to your external memory card and uninstall other user-installed applications. Removing the unnecessary apps will significantly improve the performance of your tablet.